Welding metal studs to sheets can be easy, efficient and automated. Stud & clip instead of hole & screw offers many advantages:

  • Saves Time:  Seconds per stud weld compared to minutes for traditional arc weld processes, and auto-feed capability for high-volume applications.
  • "No Hole" Fastening:  Eliminates the need for drill and tap with a Complete Joint Penetration (CJP) Weld where the full cross section of stud is utilized. Plus, no leaking at the connection point.
  • Reliability & Repeat-ability:  Because of process-monitoring capability, you get same weld every time.
  • Weld Strength:  The weld is stronger than the stud or base metal alone allowing engineers to design around the failure of the stud or base material.
  • No Certified Welder Needed:  The process is easy to train on and can be performed by lowest cost labor.
  • Return on Investment:   The process provides significant labor savings, is fast & efficient that leads to fast payback on your capital investment.

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